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Mckenzie Baker

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Who I Am

I am an experienced training and operations specialist with a strong background in process optimization, creative learning & development, and workflow streamlining. An efficiency driven professional committed to delivering organizational success through skillful project management, operational execution, and stakeholder engagement.

What I Love To Do

I love to drive impact through creative learning and development efforts. I love to find efficiencies and eliminate redundancies to allow my team to focus our unique talents on the things that matter most - our people and our clients. I love to solve complex problems and create an environment where team members are motivated to use their unique skills and talents to contribute to a project.

How I Got Here

I started my post graduate career as a recruiter and enrollment specialist for a regional university in southwest Oklahoma. I interacted with prospective students from all over Oklahoma and North Texas. I also managed concurrent enrollment for approximately 200 high school students.
After about 10 months, I was looking for a role that would allow me to use my creativity to impact performance. This landed me with Buckle, Inc where I was a product manager. I merchandised the store, including product, prop, and window displays. I loved this role, and it showed in my work.
I was soon recruited to join Gap, Inc. where I spent the next 2.5 years working with various brands and stores. I managed and developed other merchandisers and worked closely with store management to make business decision around product and merchandising.
After the Covid-19 pandemic, I was ready to start my next career endeavor outside of retail. I was recruited by MarketStar for their SMB contract with Pinterest.
I was initially hired on as an Agency Account Manager. I worked with 90+ advertisers (between ~60 agencies) to launch, optimize, and scale their advertising efforts on the platform. I exceeded goal all three quarters in this role: Q4’21, 162%; Q1’22, 115%; Q2’22, 117%. I also graduated from the Ascend Leadership Program, earning the highest scored capstone project.
I enjoyed working with advertisers, but what I enjoyed more what coaching new hires, teaching my peers about efficiencies I found in my workflow, and solving problems to allow others to see higher performance. When the Sales Enablement team expanded, I knew I needed to make a move. I joined the Sales Enablement Team as a training manager in July 2022.
As a training manager, I trained and managed 50+ new hire employees through an intensive four week training program, driving a 100% pass rate on new hire certification for all direct report trainees. While in off cycle from training, I was able to develop my project management skills by building and launching a team task queue, managing the build and launch of internal resources sites, and find efficiencies in the onboarding preparation process. In Spring of 2023, I transitioned to working full with the SDR motion for continuing training and resource management as the SDR Training Specialist.
I am looking for my next challenge and would love to be a part of your team.
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