St Mary's Primary Care

Requirements for St Mary's Primary Care Website


Steer is revamping the web design and modernizing the content and structure to make it easy for users to navigate and request help.


Ease of navigation
Patient Self Service Tools
Consistency in usage

We will be using the following website as a standard template

Once this site is completed, the same will be cloned and new ‘content’ will be plugged in for other departments


Create a new Global Container for Providers

The goal of this is to have a nice structure to add provider profiles - Photo, Name, Qualifications (MD, FAACP, etc), and a hyperlink; The hyperlink will be used for linking the physician profile to our platform generated MD profile.

Providers can be listed by location; For example, an organization can have 5 locations, and each location should be able to list and manage their set of providers.

Here is an example of such container

Location A


Location B


2. Create a new Global Container for FAQs

The goal of this feature is to have FAQs that can be easily managed and maintained; Example can be found here -

3. Replace all occurrences of Las Cruces to Reno, NV; and All occurrences of New Mexico Primary Care Group with “St Mary’s Medical Group Primary Care”

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