Tao-te-CHING: A Zen Poet's View by D. R. Streeter

A Reader's point of view

A way to know without knowing.

Tao-te-CHING is a song by Lao Tzu and we have so many versions and every version of it brings new meaning to the Reader.

Tao-te-CHING: A Zen Poet’s View by D. R. Streeter is a poetic expression of the TAO, without trying to explain the TAO, he brings a clarity and greater understanding.

if you seek definition you will lose the whole

Tao-te-CHING; The way means “just this, there is nothing more”

Illumination is keeping the right distance.

Simple everyday life without taking sides, making choices and being judgemental towards the situation is the answer of what is ‘it’, choiceless awareness, being with it here and now.

There is nothing more to seek, nothing more to know. Just examine, observe the small things and by doing so we can understand, what can not be.

Witness and maintain a distance with the ONE! Only by doing so, we can know the unknown, the infinite nothingness which is right here, available.

The moment we try to explain or share ‘the experience’ we lost it. We lost it in the words we choose, we lost it in the efforts, our actions destroys the whole experience and meaning of it.

Emptiness, Emptiness beyond the mind

Nourish the inside, Soften the outside, Strengthen the center

Poetry can do wonders by expressing something which can’t be expressed, do not go into learning and meaning of the poetry. Just follow it, like a flowing river, a floaing cloud and you will understand.

In our efforts to go beyond the mind, we keep circling around it.

Inhale the Moon
Exhale the Sun
you will rule the world
and all its treasures

Books like Tao-te-CHING; A Zen Poet’s View

Books like this needs to be available in pocket edition, e-book edition, so that we can share with all the people we meet. We need to keep it in our home, at our work, during traveling.
The simpler view of life can bring back the joy of nothingness, bliss in our everyday life and meaning to the meaningless journey.

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