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About this doc

Template for 1:1s or other use cases
Use Case
Katy is the manager of three employees, and has 1:1s with each of them.
Katy reflects privately and takes notes after each 1:1. She does not want her team to see her private notes. (Solution: cross-doc)
Katy wants all data to be in one table for her reference, but does not want the team to be able to view each other’s notes. (Solution: cross-doc)
Each of Katy’s reports wants to be able to add discussion topics and population those into Katy’s doc. (Solution: cross-doc actions)

While this doc shows a one-on-one use case, the same principles can easily be applied to project trackers, OKRs or any other use case where you only want to show a segment of the data to a given audience.

The tables on are synced to each person’s respective doc
Cross-doc actions
The button on uses cross-doc actions to transfer Adam’s areas of discussion to this doc

Accompanying doc
Example of an employee doc with data populated from the

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