Hitler's Tactics
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Do you think people are more convinced when the message is repeated for months and months?

As Christopher Paul and Miriam Matthews state,
Repetition leads to familiarity and familiarity leads to acceptance.
Hitler knew this. He said in Mein Kampf,
These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward.
But to stop it from becoming redundant and obvious,
Leading slogan must, of course, be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula.
To prevent yourself from letting repetition influence you,
Use these 3 questions:
If we boil the claim down to its essential elements, what does the propagandist want us to believe?
Why might the sender of this message want us to accept this claim?
Is it reasonable to accept this claim based on factual evidence?

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