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2021 Summer Programs Toolkit Example
2021 Summer Programs Toolkit (Example)

Materials for Engaging Families

Key Messages for Families
(GENERAL) This summer, we can help your child reconnect and re-engage.
We’ve been through a lot over the past year. Children have missed out on school time, celebrations, and fun with their friends. This summer, your kids can get re-connected in safe, enriching programs run by caring staff who are trained to help youth build confidence, gain social skills, and try new things.
This summer is the perfect opportunity to help kids reconnect and recharge.
Ohio’s summer programs are the perfect places for kids to be kids...with other kids!
This summer, kids need to reconnect and experience simple joys: time with friends, exploring the great outdoors, free play and fun games that spark creativity. We’re offering safe, flexible programs designed to help kids connect with other kids, discover new interests, and reignite their passion for learning. Together we can make this summer a game changer for our kids!
Get ready for fun, friends and outdoor adventure this summer! Our flexible programs have something for every family—projects that tap into kids’ creative energy and ignite their love for learning and exploring—from visual arts, pottery and engineering to hiking, birding, fishing and more. Find a summer program for your child today!
Ohio’s summer programs are ready to welcome kids back to fun, friends and adventures. Together, we can create a great summer for our kids that will help them recharge, re-engage and be ready for school next fall.
We’re excited to welcome kids back for safe in-person summer camps and programs. Our programs are staffed by caring mentors who are trained to help kids of all ages gain social skills, build confidence and have fun learning and creating new things.
Whether your child is eager to meet new friends and curious to try new things or struggling with separation anxiety due to the pandemic, we encourage you to sign up and consider a summer program for your child.
Call to Action: Many full- and half-day summer programs are available now and more are being planned. Contact 216-325-7730 to learn more!
Call to Action: It’s been an uncertain year. Our programs are continuing to adapt their schedules, activities and policies for summer to meet the needs of families across Ohio. We hope your family joins us for a summer of reconnection and recharging. Contact 216-325-7730 to learn more!
(SAFETY) Every child deserves a safe, supported summer.
Many schools and community partners, including libraries, parks, museums, recreation centers, churches and businesses have been running programming during the pandemic while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. They are experienced and ready to welcome your child to their summer programs.
Our programs have been innovating since the pandemic hit to safely serve kids and families across Ohio. We put safety first.
In response to safety mandates and families’ needs, we are expanding summer programs to serve our families better than ever before.
What can you expect from our summer programs? We follow COVID-19 safety guidance, as provided by the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Ohio Department of Health. These guidelines ensure things like safety training for staff; appropriate student-to-staff ratios; social distancing requirements; regular cleaning, handwashing, and drop-off and pick-up procedures.
Many of our summer programs engage kids in enriching outdoor activities that allow them to connect with nature. This year, outdoor learning and games will be prioritized, as research shows that outdoor activities are the safest ways to spend our time.
Call to Action: Learn more about the Ohio Department of Public Health COVID-19 guidelines we follow.

(WHY SUMMER) Summer Matters.
This year, kids need a safe, supported summer filled with fun, enriching activities more than ever before. After months of virtual school and social isolation, this summer has the power to be a gamechanger for kids of all ages.
Summer enrichment programs are proven to help young people make tremendous gains in academic, social and emotional learning. :
Gain confidence and social skills
Make gains in reading and math
Experience enriching academics and outdoor activities
Earn high school or college credits
We believe that summer learning should be different from classroom learning. Our staff strive to engage kids of all ages in enriching activities that are fun, creative and stress-free.
Summer gives kids freedom to choose from an exciting mix of enriching activities—from arts, engineering and gardening to team projects and active games.
Now more than ever, summer programs have an extraordinary opportunity to help kids make new memories and emerge from this crisis strong, resilient and hopeful.
Call to Action: Contact CONTACT INFORMATION to learn more!
Email from network or provider to families
Dear _____,
This year, we want to help parents give their kids a summer like no other! And it’s not too late to find a summer program that meets your family’s needs.
Many programs are available now and more are being planned with enriching activities designed to connect kids with other kids for outdoor adventures, fun games and free time to discover new interests. Many programs are also offering flexible, family-friendly policies, such as full- and half-day offerings, flexible start dates, low-cost or financial aid, transportation and flexible cancellation policies.
Whether your child is eager to meet new friends and curious to try new things or struggling with separation anxiety due to the pandemic, we encourage you to consider a summer program this year.
Many summer programs are available now and more are being planned. Check out STATE NETWORK WEBSITE OR ANOTHER RESOURCE WHERE SUMMER PROGRAMS ARE LISTED.
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