New Sales Training Topics (version 1)

Cloud and Networking 101: Concepts and Terminology
Presenter: Karthik
Password: bk8$A4dN
Life Before Aviatrix: Problems Aviatrix Solves for Customers
Presenter: Karthik & Corbin & David P.
Password: bk8$A4dN
Pitch Deck and Demo
Presenter: Corbin
Homework: Practice the pitch deck ​ Password: @!p7Y6Qq
Customer Stories and Business Results
Presenter: David P.
Homework: listen to some customer testimony videos and come ready to discuss:
(Starts at 30 min) Password: @!p7Y6Qq
Role-based Selling
Presenter: David P. & JD/Jay
Content needs to be created. Karthik to work with David P., JD and Bryan A.

Account Based Selling (Verticals / Cloud Maturity)
Presenter: TBD
Content needs to be created. Karthik to work with Jay and Bryan A.

Sales Playbook -> Pre-meeting Checklist, Land Strategies, Expand Strategies
Presenter: JD, Lauren

Business Value Assessment
Presenter: David P.

Pipeline Building & Territory Building: Partners (Channel and CSPs), Pipeline Generation, BDR, Field Marketing
Presenter: Sercio, David H.

Who’s Who at Aviatrix: Partner Resources, BDR, Field Marketing, IT
Presenter: Lauren
Content Link

Understanding Aviatrix Use-cases
Presenter: Bryan A. & Karthik
Content Link will be provided by Bryan A.

Pricing, Sizing and Quoting: Examples and Practice Exercises
Presenter: Vineela and Lauren
Content same as the ones presented at company meeting. Karthik to add sample scenarios for pricing exercises.

Anchor Points and Metrics
Presenter: Tom Davis

Tools and Data Hygiene:
Salesforce, Sales Navigator, Apollo, AMPED, SalesLoft, OMNI, Coda, Mission Briefs, Gong
Presenter: Sercio, Lauren & Janis
Content in development by Lauren

Test-out (Ability to pitch and understanding of concepts)
Pitch exercises → Recorded by participant and reviewed by manager
First meeting preparation exercise → Participant to present a real-world first meeting prepwork to manager.
Pricing exercise → Pick an existing customer and explain the pricing based on their usecases.

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