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Optimizing your FrUn Experience

Hi everyone,

I’m often asked how to make the most of the community, given all the people, resources, and messages, so I wanted to put together a quick tutorial on this:

read and bookmark our
I update this often so it is always current and has everything you need to know about the community.
It lists all the other links you need to know, as well as guidelines on where to post things in slack and our community rules.
join and use the coda community hub
To get access, first submit your profile
Within an hour of filling out the form, you’ll get an invite to set up a free account, which will grant you access to the coda hub.
Make sure to use the same email you supplied on the form.
You can learn more about the coda hub
watch the and to better understand how to make slack work for you and what the other resources we have are
sign-up for a with me (Karina)
browse for other slack channels you may want to add (watch
to learn how to do this), and especially pay attention to
that is where Tammy and I post things that the entire community needs to be aware of
this is also where new channels, events, and updates on policies are announced
also check-out the useful posts that have been pinned to this channel since they’re the one worth referring back to
read the weekly newsletter to see anything you’ve missed
updates from are shared, as well as a list of upcoming events
top slack discussions with links are shared so it’s easy for you to chime in
subscribe to our so that you’re notified of all new events and can register for those you’re interested in attending
And if you’d like to do an educational lunch and learn for the community, sharing your expertise, you can sign up for that
read member introductions and posts, respond/engage, and then continue 1-1 with those you’d like to get to know better
If looking to collaborate with a member, you can use the coda hub to search for a specific fractional.
Members create their own referral programs/collectives/teams as they see fit and can self-select to host local events.
For local events, details need to be shared with Tammy so that the event is added to our calendar.
if you’re new to fractional, take this created by our partner, VoyageurU
reach out to me or Tammy in slack if you have further questions or any of the above isn’t clear.

And since the community is and will remain free, if it’s not a hardship, please support us with a small recurring donation that will go towards needed resources and staff time.

Thanks for joining us!
Karina Mikhli
Founder, Fractionals United

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