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Channel Leader Commitment

Thank you for your interest in leading a Fractionals United channel.

Before submitting , please carefully read below to understand what this volunteer position will entail and what commitment we are asking for.

Channel leaders will be expected, at a minimum to—
remain in this role for 3 months
host monthly meetups for their channel (unless the channel votes on bimonthly)
if location channel, the preference is in person;
if the region is too large, others may also host meetups in other areas of the region as long as the leader is aware and ensures events are added to official FrUn event calendar
welcome members that join the channel and engage in there on a regular basis
ensure community rules and policies are upheld in the channel
attend bimonthly channel leader meetings
inform the FrUn team if there are any issues

Ideally, channel leaders—
remain in their role for 6 months or longer
engage in the community at large on a regular basis
engage and collaborate with other channel leaders in the private channel for this purpose
are an advocate for the community and fractional leadership at large

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