Payout Rule Configuration

Payout Rule Configuration

Payout rules are the logic and conditions based on which the payment is generated for the workforce on the basis of their work done on the leads. Once the payout is configured and approved, payments are generated for the members in the role for the set time-period.


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Feature: Due date


This improvement in the due dates section of the payout rules will enable the business team to configure payouts whose due dates can be a fixed day in a week or a fixed date in a month and this will help in creating daily payouts and having a daily visibility on the payouts being approved instead of approving the work daily and creating payouts in a weekly or a monthly cycle.

Before improvement

Due date is the date after which the gig partner can withdraw their earnings. Earlier due dates can only be configured as X + “Lead attribute date time” where X is a user input in terms of days

After improvement

After improvement due dates can also be configured for a particular day in a week or a particular date in a month.

Problem being solved:
Using this improvement operations team will be able to create payouts daily instead of approving all the payouts in a single go at the end of the month of biweekly


Feature: Checks on lead attributes for payout rule


We have increased the flexibility and power of the payout rules by providing a functionality to put checks/conditions on lead attributes, which means only those leads will be considered for the payout rule which is compliant with this checks configured in the payout rules. For e.g this feature will be utilised in the case where we have to create a payout of 100Rs when the lead attribute attempt_count is 1 and then again create a payout of 50Rs when the lead attribute attempt_count is 2 and this will be done through another payout rule.

How to use

Configure the payout rule and select the checkbox to add additional checks on lead attributes
Select the lead attribute on which the condition is to be implemented. Select the operator and the value. For e.g. attempt_count equals to 1


Tech team:
Panshul, Ayush
QA team:
Bhavana, Partheeban
: Rushit


Mudit (DD team)

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