Creating a new EP

As soon as the user clicks on the
button on the type of project that they want to configure, they are directed to the projects list view where they can see all the projects that are made configurer of. There is a button
+ New Execution Project
in case of execution projects to create a new EP.

User Stories:

As a project configurer, a user should be able to see the option of creating a new EP when they select the EP button after login into
As a project configurer, when a user selects the EP selection button, they should be able to see the list of projects where they are added as a configurer.

list of EP.png

Create new EP
Upon clicking of the
+ New Execution Project
button, the user is directed to the
Create New EP
section where initial details are filled for the EP. As soon as the user clicks on the
button, the new EP is created.

The purpose if this section is gather data from the project configurer regarding the new EP that is going to be created and to assign the new EP to an existing BP.

new EP details.png

Feature: Clone a project

Improvement Description

This new feature will help in setting up new projects very easy by providing an ability to directly clone an existing project while creating a new project and thus help in saving hours of effort in configuring projects from scratch and minimising any misses in the configuration.

Use cases

I as a project configurer on
, should be able to clone any project while creating a new project as it will lead to decrease in making a project live.

How to use

Step 1: Configure the basic details of a new execution project

Step 2: Click on submit and select clone a project on the confirmation dialogue box.

Step 3: Search and select the execution project that you would like to configure

Step 4: Wait for a minutes while the system sets up the new project by cloning it from the project. All the below mentioned things will be cloned

Mapping of status to tabs
Lead attributes
Summary view
Lead list view
Single lead view
Info screen
Work-log configuration
Track work configuration
FAQs configuration
Sample lead configuration
Payout rules configuration
All the payout rules to be in draft status in the cloned project
Allocation rules configuration
All the rules to be in inactive status in the cloned project
Communication templates
All the templates to be in inactive status in the cloned project
Execution sources

Key benefits

Decrease in the TAT for a project to go live by 10hrs which consists of
6-7 hours configuring a project from scratch
2-3 hours finding and rectifying any configuration misses


Sumit, Ayush, Panshul
Product Managers:


Configuration team

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