Screen Configuration
The purpose of screen configuration is to provide the users clarity on lead data and status transfers on a user friendly UI. The screens can be configured for the different roles that have been added in the project.


Summary View Configuration
Summary View are configured to filter out leads and present the count based on certain conditions which are added based on the data fields that are created. This helps the user to find how many leads are present according the filter conditions.



Lead List View Configuration
This view helps the user to show the number of leads that are available to the user in each status. Data fields can be added which will help the user identify the lead.

lead list view.png

Single Lead View Configuration
Single Lead View is the place where the data points are configured for the workforce or the project owners in multiple screens that are visible in the web and app. These screens are in turn used to capture or modify the lead or even create new lead.

Screenshot 2021-01-24 225038.png
Worklog view configuration

Worklog view consists of a set of questions that can be added in the screen which appear just once per day whenever the user logs into the project for the first time. This was created to remind on-field gig workers to ensure that they are safe in the pandemic and have enough safety measures to protect themselves before starting the day’s work.


FAQ Configuration

This section enables the project configurers to create a set of FAQs for each project that would help the gig workers to resolve frequently occurring doubts related to the projects. This is visible to the user when they login into the app and select the project.


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