Self-Directed Salesforce Developer Training

This is a collection of badges, superbadges, and documentation that will help you develop on the platform, and probably help you obtain Salesforce Platform Developer certification too, but first things first...

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“There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.” - Chinese proverb

There are many possible trails up this mountain, but there are at least three stages of getting to the summit.
Salesforce Fundamentals - the platform was designed to be low-code. A Salesforce developer understands the declarative capabilities of Salesforce.
Apex Fundamentals - Apex is a Java-like, object-oriented language. A Salesforce developer can optimize their code to operate within Salesforce’s strict governor limits.
Salesforce Customization - there are an almost infinite number of ways to customize Salesforce. A Salesforce developer can code Lightning Web Components, Visualforce pages, integrations, and more.

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