Systems Engineer Pledge

"...To actively disseminate add and contribute my considerable knowledge talent and skill to transition us collectively towards regenerative human systems ..."

The idea for the pledge is loosely modelled on the “ for procurement professionals - in mid management with little leverage to effect change now.


Given that time is running out to prevent climate change beyond 1.5 or rather 1.7 degrees and natural resource depletion reaches critical levels and is getting worse before it will get better, the current body of professionals can contribute significantly to raise system level interventions through individual and collective action.

❗ System Level understanding and thinking is necessary to get us there – but we have a dire need for disseminating this knowledge across various segments of society to move the circular regenerative agenda.

We cannot train enough sustainability professionals and systems thinkers in time to intervene soundly where and when necessary.

Nor can we train enough or pay to train in coprorate organizational settings (with a few exception cf Deloitte). We need simultaneous action to disseminate this knowledge timely as befits the ULCAS it is supposed to 'modify' - economy and human behavior patterns.

We cannot wait until the next generation - more aware and better trained- for this scenario- takes over, to take action

In spite of not having the training for sustainability per se, systems engineering can add their considerable knowledge talent and skill to move the needle.

Note: This is an attempt to look at ways to disseminate this knowledge / grass root bottoms up / emergent / open: - a means to generate "fractal engagement" - "enablement & empowerment" beyond and in spite of traditional power structures role specific professional or private.

The idea: each adds what he sees where adding competences or insight is
Necessary – urgent
From each of our different vantage and viewpoints
Modes of access/distribution - opening to other groups or outside work how etc – up for anyone who want to jump on this
Could be a) individual dissemination situations across private / professional roles and contexts
Public / group settings wiht or without group identity....

Add task
Tasks 2
Due date
Column 5
Identify leverage points for systems engineers to disseminate their knowledge.... what each of us sees in their realms....
prime systems engineers to help civil society or forge citizensscience or private public quintuople helix partnerships..see below
KaiKdvcac cst
Jan 30, 2023
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