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How to Log Work and Invoice Your Client

After completing work for your client, it’s time to log your hours/deliverables and submit an invoice.

Logging Work

As you complete work for your client, you will need to record it in your Work Report. Trying to recall what work you completed a week or two ago may be challenging, so we recommend updating your Work Report each time you complete work.
To log work, click the Contracts icon (at the top of your screen on web, at the bottom of your screen on mobile). Then, go to the applicable contract and select the day you’d like to log work on.
Click on Log Hours or Log Work. (Contracts on hourly engagements will say Log Hours. Contracts on a per deliverable basis will say Log Work.)
In the “Hours Worked” or “# of Deliverables” section, record the number of hours or number of deliverables you completed that day. In the Notes section, write a brief description of the work completed. Some clients may prefer a more detailed description, while others may prefer a short bulleted list. If you’re unsure of your client’s expectations surrounding notes, reach out to them to ask.
Then, click “Save Hours” or “Save Deliverables.”
As you log work, your client will be able to see what you’ve recorded. So, make sure what you record is accurate and professional.

Sending an Invoice

An invoice is a bill issued to your client as a way of requesting payment for your services. When you submit an invoice, your client will receive an email notification letting them know that it’s time to pay you.
During your onboarding call, you and your client may have agreed upon a specific frequency for invoicing. If you did not discuss this, follow up with your client to ask what their preference is. Most Pangeans invoice once a week or bi weekly.
When you’re ready to invoice, make sure all of your work is logged properly, then click “Send Invoice.” A screen will pop up that allows you to review your Work Report. Double check that the work logged and the descriptions are accurate. If everything looks correct, click “Submit Invoice” to officially send the bill to the client.

How to View Invoice & Payment History

If you’d like to review an invoice you previously submitted, go to the individual contract you’d like to review. Then, select “Payments.”
Under the Payments tab, you will be able to review all previously submitted invoices, including the date it was submitted, the hours or work completed, the amount you billed for, and its status. If the client has not paid the invoice yet, the invoice will be marked as “Pending.” Once the client pays the invoice, it will be marked as “Paid.”


Following Up on Outstanding Invoices

On average, clients pay invoices X days after they are submitted. If a week has passed and your client has not completed an invoice you submitted, it’s a good idea to follow up with them.
When you reach out, remember to approach it as a gentle reminder. The email notification to pay your invoice may have just gotten pushed down in their inbox.
A friendly, “Hey [client’s name]! I just wanted to follow up with you in regards to the invoice I submitted last week. Could you please complete that invoice when you get a chance? Thank you!” will do.
If you have tried following up with your client but have not received a response, please reach out to the Pangea team so we can help get you paid.

Receiving Payment

After your client completes the invoice, the money will be on its way to you. 🤑
If you haven’t onboarded onto Stripe yet, you will need to do so before you’re able to receive payment. To onboard onto Stripe, sign up
If you have already onboarded onto Stripe, you can expect to receive payment in 1-10 business days depending on your bank. If you do not see payment after 10 business days, log in to your Stripe account and check your earnings report.
To access your Stripe account, click on your profile icon (located in the top right corner on web and in the top left corner on mobile). Then, click Settings. On mobile, click Link Stripe. On web, click Stripe Account. From there, click View Stripe Dashboard.
From there, you will be able to view your Stripe Dashboard, which will let you know if money is “on the way.” Money that is “on the way” means it is still in the process of being sent to your bank.

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