MaxFunDrive 2022 Member Goals

The shows are pulling out all the stops to offer special bonus content, events, and experiences to thank and encourage you to during MaxFunDrive. Check back for progress updates throughout the Drive!

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FLASH GOAL: John will give away 5 copies of his book if he can get 20 new, upgrading, or boosting members between 2-4pm PT on April 27!
20 new, upgrading, or boosting DM supporters before time runs out
John will make a video where he interviews puppies about their mental health
500 new, upgrading, and boosting DM supporters
Go Fact Yourself
Everyone who contributes at any level gets:

their choice of a photo of one of J. Keith’s cats or of Helen’s dog
a chance to opt in to play in our months-long trivia tournament culminating in… a chance to be on a special listener edition mini-episode of the show, recorded via Zoom!
All new, upgrading, and boosting GFY supporters
Add a second listener edition mini-episode, doubling your chances of being on the show
Full episode (including experts!) with an audience member as a celebrity guest, recorded via Zoom
A super-secret special bonus
A super-secret special number
The Greatest Generation / The Greatest Discovery
Ben and Adam will head back to The Cheesecake Factory for another installment of their smash bonus podcast, Factory Seconds.
3500 new, upgrading, and boosting TGG and TGD supporters (combined)
Ben and Adam will hit The Cheesecake Factory AND stop by Mitch’s favorite bar from Baywatch for a combined Factory Seconds / Santa Monica Mountains bonus episode!
Ben and Adam will will get a surf lesson from Side-Slit Briefs Guy from Voyager, followed by a trip to The Cheesecake Factory, PLUS a drink at Mitch’s favorite bar for a TGG/FS/SMM bonus crossover spectacular!
The Flop House
Raffle time! Winner picks one of:

Maniac of New York comics signed by Elliott OR
drawings by Dan OR
Stu swag to be named later
1900 new, upgrading, or boosting TFH supporters
“The Country Bears” commentary
Quarterly movie commentaries for an entire year!
Just the Zoo of Us
Special bonus episode with a one-shot D&D campaign written by Ellen
Get online with Ellen for a video game live stream
Let us know that you're a supporting member by tagging @JustTheZooOfUs on Twitter and we'll thank you with an animal doodle!
All new, upgrading, and boosting JtZoU supporters
Ellen will make 3 new free original coloring pages. One of them will probably (definitely) be a pangolin.
If we get to 300 new, upgrading, or boosting members in the by Friday, May 6th, 2022, I, Ellen Weatherford, will get a permanent tattoo featuring C. elegans on my actual human body. It will feature the slogan (nay, the battle cry) “Wiggle forward. Wiggle backwards.”
Maximum Film!
Saturday, April 30 at 4pm PT
Free for all
We’ll record an episode featuring a listener-selected film
450 new, upgrading, and boosting MaxFilm! supporters
Members-only Zoom hangout with the hosts
McElroy family (The Adventure Zone, My Brother, My Brother and Me, Sawbones, Shmanners, Still Buffering, Wonderful!)
Will release the #MBMBaM TV Show Episode 5 Commentary track to the Bonus Content feed.
3000 new, upgrading, or boosting members network-wide
Will release the home-brewed sheets Griffin developed for the ships in The Adventure Zone: Ethersea
5000 new, upgrading, or boosting members network-wide
We will take turns posting Minion quotes to our personal Facebook profiles without any context. The Minion quotes have been pre-selected by our employees and will be assigned to us at their discretion. We must post whichever image they give us.
8000 and every 1000 additional members thereafter until we pass 14,000
At 10,000 new & upgrading members, we’ll be releasing the MBMBaM Remix: Justin, Travis, and Griffin recreate a classic episode from the transcript—only with each brother playing another brother’s part!
10,000 new, upgrading, or boosting members network-wide
Oh No, Ross and Carrie
Carrie will learn any banjo song, voted on by listeners
1000 new, upgrading, and boosting ONRAC supporters
Ross will eat a whole jar of Grey Poupon
Carrie will eat a whole jar of catsup
We’ll start attending events for one of our three most-requested investigations
We will live-stream an episode of Flavor Babies
Will sign up for GOOP Cruise
One Bad Mother
Biz will do a Bop-It video on social
every 25 new, upgrading, and boosting OBM supporters
Puzzle & Chat AMA with Biz
Special ”Tell Me About Your Cat" Bonus Content
Biz will get the One Bad Mother patch art permanently tattooed on her one and only body
Reading Glasses
100 new, upgrading, and boosting Reading Glasses supporters
Will read an Amish romance book
Live snack finger tasting
Quarterly Zoom hangout
Anticipated Books quarterly episode
In-person reading party
Reading Glasses retreat
We Got This with Mark & Hal
You’ll finally learn what the Best Teen Movie is in an exclusive crossover episode with The JV Club with Janet Varney!
100 new, upgrading, or boosting WGT supporters
Mystery guest episode! Guess along with Mark & Hal as they try to discover their guest’s identity. Only Producer Ken will know for sure.
The long-requested Mark vs. Hal Trivia Challenge live stream WITH audience participation!
We'll turn the Hot Ones challenge into a LIVE clean slate, using their menu of increasingly hot sauces to make a Clean Slate even more difficult. 10 topics, 10 sauces, PAIN.

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