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27th July
Some contacts and deals, that are from Source: Internal REA, are being allocated to Guillermo. Can we deactivate this workflow?
@Justin Ferraz
“Can you share example , couldn’t find any deals with that query “
We’re right now adding all Internal REA contacts, through this
Can we please deactivate all notifications when we are reassigning a contact to someone new, specifically in the “Hunter Owner”? If we could only notificate when we change the “Contact Owner” property, it would be great!

29th June
SOLVED - Some deals are not being created after the contact reached HubSpot
this is not triggering to deal, why is this happening?
SOLVED Can we add a little delay to send deals to Growth Funnel?
because we’re not able to call them in a hurry, but Growth is (more structured and trained team), so considering the journey of the customer, he wants a property but he receive first a call from a Mortgage consultant.
First activity/contact date
Since we want to measure TAT between “contact/deal created” vs “first contact date”, we’ll have to create a solution for it, I’ve found this workaround:
We’ll need to start saving the “lead interest in primary/secondary”
Since the secondary listings are on the website

22th June

New Lead Sources based on @Rafael Kenji project, considering the Growth Funnel deals that are duplicated to REAP, let’s no forget about this.
When can we change “Campaigns Owner” logic to distribute contacts/deals in Hubspot? It doesnt make any sense to use names of employees.
How we can trigger the workflow to create deal starting from the contact? Do we need to fill “campaign owner” as Sally’s Team? Do we need other fields? How do we distribute the leads coming from the website? We tried to create via “property.huspy.com” as campaign owner, but it did not activate your workflows.. then we changed to “Sally’s team” cause we knew it would work since we had SMNerds Zapier.

15th June

After talking to Marcus, we’ve decided that he’ll be attributing all deals that are being qualified from the SDRs, we know this might be a lot of volume, but it’s something important for us to understand the pipeline flow and then gather more knowledge before defining how to automate the distribution. Being totally honest, I think this scenario will prevail for 1 month.
So Ahmed gave us a suggestion about a workflow for whenever a new deal reaches Qualified Lead stage, will automatically attribute to Marcus and also put the previous Owner in SDR Owner.
The lead sources and tags is something that is really urgent for us, since we’ll need to develop something scalable to analyze and track all channels and sources we’re gonna test from now on. So it should be something for us to identify performance and funnel balance.

Questions & Answers

15th June

Can we do a rotating system to deliver deals to the agent with the “lower pipeline” (the agent with less deals on his pipeline)? This could help us to prevent the balance problem we’re facing right now in the funnel)
@Marcus Escolástico
This could work if we have a balanced funnel for sure, because then it will keep the balance.
But then we also have the language barrier, but once we get a balanced funnel, we shouldnt worry about this.
Can we use playbook with conditional questions? This can be something very useful for developing the same funnel for UAE/Spain.
@Justin Ferraz
It’s not possible in playbooks.
Just to be sure that I have the correct concept in my mind, but “Country/Region” field is based on “What is the country of residence” of that customer, right?
Yes, it’s right.
We’re having a loop situation through the Growth <> REA Purchase Funnels, what is happening right now is:

A new deal is created in REA after Growth Funnel indicates that they need to find a property
Our REA team make contact and qualify the lead for RE
When he’s advancing the deal in the funnel, we gonna ask the agent again if the customer needs help with Mortgage
The deal is duplicated and sent to Growth Funnel, summing up 2 deals in Growth Funnel

We’re aligning with the agents to not fill up the fields that will duplicate the deal, but you know how it is, if there’s something we can do to prevent this. Would be definitely better.
@Gabriela Picolo
is the main stakeholder in this question

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