Welcome to Netflix, Junko!

Congratulations on joining Studio Product Rollout!
The Studio Product Rollout team is thrilled to have you on board. Netflix receives thousands of applicants each year, and (as evidenced by our rigorous interview process) we carefully select the best person for each role.
We’ve created this resource for you to ease into your work with Netflix and with us as a team. To get things started, here are some words of advice & encouragement from your new teammates - you’ll likely see some patterns across these quotes; and in a short while, you may be giving similar advice to a newcomer here!
Advice from those who’ve been there...
Really take that first 3 months to learn everything, I know you want to execute immediately but you will wish for those 3 months back later.
- Dani Cardillo (joined Netflix in July 2018; SPR in August 2020)
Our team records a lot of meetings so that those who can’t make it can catch up later. This is especially helpful for our team members based outside of the Los Angeles who may miss meetings due to time zone differences ー when watching a recording later, pro-tip: adjust its playback speed by hitting the ⚙️ icon and speeding the video & audio up!
- Christina Lee (joined Netflix & SPR in March 2021)
Don't be afraid to ask questions as you start your onboarding journey, even if you think they sound silly.
- Gus Gomes (joined Netflix & SPR in January 2021) & Fifi Maree (joined Netflix & SPR in January 2020)
When reading a memo for the first time, so you can focus on the original text. Comment threads are interesting, but can be distracting and lead you down rabbit holes! You will never finish a memo if you click on any & all links.
- John Zinni (joined Netflix & SPR in October 2018) & Dani Cardillo (joined Netflix in July 2018; SPR in August 2020)
It’s a lot of info at first but it gets easier and unlike most jobs you have the time to learn. Take the time and soak it all up!

Set up as many 1:1s as you want when you start and get to know your cross functional partners. It pays off once you start to get more in the weeds with your position.

If you make a mistake or worry you are going to miss a deadline let people know, people understand that things happen and will work with you.
- Mariel Conway (joined Netflix in August 2018; SPR in August 2020)
Feedback really is a gift, it will be hard but this is one area to really lean into, get comfy receiving it and giving it.

You are not alone, we are all learning and growing, some days it will feel like you have been here for years and some days it will feel like day 1 all over again. This will continue during your entire career at Netflix.
- Dani Cardillo (joined Netflix in July 2018; SPR in August 2020)
You are surrounded by stunning colleagues. You’re one of them! After a short time of meeting with colleagues and reading some of the very smart memos out there and seeing people’s calendars chocked full of meetings, you may experience imposter syndrome. Know that you are not alone! It’s a Netflix thing.

I like a previous Netflixer’s quote: “Imposter Syndrome is a liar twice. First, it convinces you that everyone else is doing terrifically well all the time. Second, it convinces you that you’re not. Neither of these things are true.”

Another tip, “go links” (go/____ in your browser) are fantastic. A lot of times some has created an obvious go link for important sites, such as go/acronyms.
- Morgan Swift (joined Netflix & SPR in June 2021)
Our SPR Buddy System
We like to use an onboarding buddy system for your first month or so to help give you a consistent partner/person to gain context from.
For your “first” week, Christina and Fifi will be your onboarding buddy, and continue to remain close throughout the process.

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