Alsion EASE

Alsion EASE Club Bylaws
Environmental and Sustainability Effort
The goal of this club is to better Alsion Montessori’s school environment by improving the school’s sustainability, to educate Alsion students on sustainable development, and to encourage students to develop the confidence and initiative for their ideas.
Members should be students of Alsion Middle School or High School/Early College who are motivated to better Alsion’s school environment. All members are welcome, and denying applications due to race, gender, ethnicity, or beliefs is absolutely not permitted. However, membership can be terminated by at least ⅔ vote of all other members for reasons of inappropriate behavior or failure to cooperate with other members.
Meetings shall be held ideally at least every two weeks. Time, place, and duration are to be decided by the club president.
The club should designate one president and one treasurer. Other roles can be created or determined by the president to ensure effective operation for the club. Members should be allowed to choose their own roles and hold more than one role at a time.
Directs club activities
Serves as official spokesperson for the club
Responsible for maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for members
Monitors club finances
Advises members in spending
May be responsible for finding costs for proposed plans.
The club should aim to complete at least one project per school year. Projects are to be decided by majority vote, and members can be grouped to work on separate projects.
Fees and Dues
Funding for club activities and projects can be obtained through club fundraisers, donations, or from the school with approval.
Acceptance of Bylaws
All accepted members confirm that they have read the club bylaws and accept the club’s principles and mission.
General Rules of Conduct
All members are to:
Respect each other
Treat all other members fairly
Resolve conflicts peacefully
Decisions regarding club operations can be made through majority vote
Members are responsible for resolving personal conflicts without hindering club operations or activities
Offer constructive criticism when they disagree
Attend all meetings unless allowed by the president to not attend
If members are unable to attend due to health, family, etc. reasons, they must notify other members at least one day before the meeting
Members who fail to attend three meetings or more can have their membership terminated
The club bylaws shall be amended only by the club president or members given the ability by the club president.

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