How do I get the Most Out of Customer Support?

And more fun questions that that can enhance your customer support experience. - 3 Min Read
Customer Support
Always one click away, customer support is always there to answer your questions, assess bugs, and review enhancement requests.
There are currently 3 different types of tickets that someone can send in.
Bug Reports
Enhancement Requests
Each is a unique type that gets handled in a different way. Below are a few questions that can enhance your customer service experience.
How do I send in a Bug Report?
Much like real life, bugs can be hard to spot. However, with the below information we can view what is going at a faster rate.
What information do I send?
Below are 3 things that can really help us close in on an issue:
URL of the bug incident
Taking us to the scene is a great way for us to see what is going on.
Steps to Reproduce
Taking us step by step through the moments that led up to the bug can lead us to quickly reproduce the bug.
While it may not assist us in replicating the bug it will assist us in visualizing what we are looking for.
How do I send in an Enhancement Request?
See any possible improvements? We are all ears!
We take every enhancement request seriously and our staff reviews all of them together as a team.
What do you we look for in each enhancement request?
Details Matter!
Feel free to help us bring your idea to life by providing screenshots, detailed explanations, or even drawings!
The Why
A big factor that we take into account when reviewing an enhancement request is “the why.”
Make sure to let us know why this would improve our app!
Describing the needs and benefits of the new feature will help us decide what our next projects are going to look like.
How do I ask a Question?
There is no perfect answer or guideline for this!
We will be able to provide a link to most app questions here: {link to our forum}
Don’t see what you are looking for? Feel free to forward the question to us and we will answer as well as document it into the forum for future inquiries.
Make sure to check back as we will be constantly updating this space with more and more resources.
Thank You
At the end of the day we thrive on customer service as you are our main motivator towards improving our app, finding bugs, and giving us a deeper look into your needs as we form a partnership.
Thank you for joining us on our journey and for helping us, help you.
- TileFive Team

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