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Knowing how to convey the specifics about your creative project in a dynamic, succinct way can land you not only investors, but also collaborators, audience members, and more. Skills learned in this workshop include: how to prepare for a pitch meeting, adapt a pitch to different audiences, and then follow upー setting your work up for success.
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Social “Blurbs”
You have to be able to use your words not only to make your art, but to convince others to get on board.
(to invest, to follow you on social media, to hire you, to care about your work)
Questions to Answer for your Audience:
Why me?
Why this?
Why now?
Why you?
How much should you crowdfund for? As much as you need to move your project forward! In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to build a budget, utilize loans to make up your budget (conceptually as well as literally), navigate the ask, break down your script, and get creative with ways to cut costs without sacrificing your vision.
Articles / Media Assets
Social “Blurbs”
Expected Budget vs. Working Budget
Expected budget is taking the total assumed/quoted costs of items in your breakdown.
Working budget is the actively updated collection of actual purchases you make.
Budgeting? These May Cost More Than You Think:
Meals & Crafty
Production Insurance
and more
Don’t Forget to Budget For:
Behind-The-Scenes Documentation
Music Licensing
Distribution Deliverables
(and of course Contingency)
So you’ve made a short film or web series, and now you want to share it with the world (or a more specific audience than that)! But what comes next? Distribution is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood topics for independent creators. We break down distribution tips, tactics and, most importantly, the economics for every window from theatrical through VOD and beyond.
Articles / Media Assets
Social “Blurbs”
At Sundance 2019, of the $2.29B worth of financial investment in films that submitted, only 3% percent were accepted.
All distribution is self active distribution.
What is an MG? A minimum guarantee (aka MG) is an advance payment made by a distributor to a filmmaker for the right to sell or distribute their film.

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