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Sharing your booking links

Locate your booking links
There are 2 types of booking links:
Your landing page link (the page with all of your active services)
Your service booking page (the booking page for a specific service)
Once you locate your landing page link and your service booking page links, you can copy and share them to your invitees.
How to share your booking links
Sharing the link for a specific service
To get the link to a specific service’s booking page, you just have to follow these simple steps:
Open the Services page.
2. Click on the service of interest.
3. Head to the users column and click the copy symbol
4. Now you can paste the link wherever you need.
5. You can also open the booking page in a new tab by clicking the link symbol
6. Keep in mind that you will have to choose between copying the Any user link or the link of a specific user for this service.
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