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Setting your company's working plan

While Working Plans can be set up for your Services (learn how to at ) and Users (at ) a general working plan for your company sets up your business’s working hours and provides default settings for the more particular working plans. In this article, you will discover how to set up a working plan for your company!
Configuring a company-wide working plan
Step 1: Accessing your company’s settings
To find your company’s settings, click on your name on the top-right corner.
A dropdown will appear, giving you the options Settings and Log out.
Click on Settings to access the company’s configuration.
Click on Working plan in the secondary menu to access the working plan setup.
Step 2: Setting up your company’s hours
On the left-side Office Hours table, set up the working ours for your company.
Check the days during the week in which your users are expected to work.
Add a start time for each day on the Start column.
Add an end time for each day on the End column.
Click on the Reset icon
across from the title to reset the schedule to Lineup’s default values.

Step 3: Adding breaks
On the right-side Breaks table, set up any company-wide breaks your users might take, such as their lunch break.
Click on the plus sign
across from the title to add a new break.
Set up the day the break is on on the Day column.
Set up the hour it starts on the Start column.
Set up the hour it ends on the End column.
To delete a break you’ve previously set up, click on the Delete icon
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