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Service settings

Setting up your services

Services are templates that define types of events you offer.
For each type of event you can specify the:
Name, duration, and location
Times you're typically available (e.g. your working hours) or unavailable (such as break time and weekends)
When services can start (such as every 30 minutes)
Number of services allowed daily
Amount of time before a service that guests can schedule
Something you should know
If you plan to use an online meeting application, such as Teams or Google Meet, integrate it with Lineup so your guests can join from their calendar invitation (see for instructions).
If you have a paid Lineup subscription, you can create as many services as you want.
Creating your first service
Creating your first service was never this easy! We will guide you through the steps you need to take to launch your new service.
Step 1 : Adding a service
On your Services page click on Add one. You can also click on the plus symbol (+) located on the left side menu. A new service will appear like magic!
DA_0122_Lineup_WalkthroughCodaServices_Screen1 (1).png
Step 2: Basic information
At Name, enter a name for the service. This name will appear on your booking page.
At Location, indicate where the meeting will be held. A pop-up will give you further options depending on your selected location. After you are done setting up your location, click Save.
At Duration, choose the length of the service in minutes.
At Service category, indicate the category you want to place the service in.
At Description, write a short description of the service. This description will be visible to invitees on your booking page.
Make sure to complete all the required fields:
Name, location, duration
Step 3: When can people book?
At Timeout, enter the amount of time that invitees cannot schedule before an appointment.
At Start time, set the frequency of available time slots for appointments. For example, if this field is set as 30 minutes, invitees will see the available slots as 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30...
At Attendants per appointment, set the number of attendants you will admit in your service.
Make sure to complete all the required fields:
Timeout, Start time increments, Attendants per appointment
Step 4: Required fields
Set the minimum information the customer must provide. We chose for you 4 mandatory fields, but you can personalize this to your liking.
If you feel more information is necessary select Click here, and we will help you.
Step 5: Pricing
Decide if you want to set a price for your service.
At Price, enter the cost of your service, if is free then type $0.
At Currency, type your service’s currency.
Make sure to complete all the required fields:
Price (if Visible is toggled on)
Step 6: Customization
At Color, select a color for your service. This will be visible on the booking page and on your Calendar page.
At Custom URL add a personalized URL for your booking page. The name will populate in the URL automatically, but you can change the URL to anything you’d like.
At How do you refer to your users, personalize the name your customers see for your users. This is the name that your invitees will see in the booking page.
At Personalized label for the “Any user” option, change the label your invitees will select when they don’t want to book with a particular user.
Toggle on Hide the service selector if you don’t want the service selector to be visible on the booking page.
Toggle on Disable the service selector if you want the service selector to be visible but disallow invitees from changing the service.
Toggle on Pre-select “Any user” to make this the default user selection on the booking page.
Toggle on Start booking in date selector to bypass the service and user selection page and start the booking process directly on the date selector.
Toggle on Redirect on completion to add a custom URL you want to send this service’s customers to when they complete a booking.
If Redirect on completion is on, a text box will appear for you to enter the URL the customers should be redirected to.
Service 1_Settings.png

Step 7: Schedule
To specify when you're available, select a day of the week then:
Enter the hours you're typically available
Step 8: Assigned users
Finally, select the users that will attend to this service and click save.
Modifying your current services
To change the service current information you need to follow the next steps
Step 1: Select the service
Select the service that you want to modify.
Step 2: Open the box with the info
Click the box that contains the information you need to change.
2. Edit the info and click save.
Now you have your new information updated!
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