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Setting up WhatsApp notifications

WhatsApp notifications can help your users avoid and record no-shows!
Something you should know
With notifications via WhatsApp, your customers will receive an instant message with the appointment details on their cellphone. This feature helps you to reduce your no-show rate because they will have quick access to meeting info.
With reminders via WhatsApp, you will know if a customer is going to assist to your appointment, this feature helps you to reduce your no-show rate. Also is very helpful to take care of the time of your team because they will know if a meeting will happen or not.
Setting your notifications via WhatsApp
Step 1: Select your service or create a new one
Click on the service of your interest on the services list at the left part of your screen.
2. If you want to create a new service check out the article.
Step 2: Set your notifications up
Click on the notifications tab
2. Open the WhatsApp + Lineup option.
3. Set up your notifications:
Enable WhatsApp reminders sends your customers a WhatsApp message at a certain time before their scheduled appointment. You can set up how far in advance that notification will be sent at the Time in advance for notification field.
Send WhatsApp notification on new appointment sends your customers a WhatsApp message with the appointment information whenever a new appointment is booked.
Send WhatsApp notification to users on new appointment sends your users a WhatsApp message whenever an appointment is added to their calendar. For this to work, they must have their phone number set up on their User page. Learn more about this at .
Send WhatsApp assistance confirmation sends your users a message near the end of the allotted time for the appointment, for them to select whether or not the customer showed up. You can set up how many minutes before the end of the appointment this notification will be sent at the Time before end of appointment to confirm assistance field.
4. Remember, your messages will be sent in the language your platform is set.
Step 3: Saving your notifications
Click the Save button at the bottom right of your screen or next to the Settings title to finish up your configuration.
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