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Seeing your customers' match percentage

Check out how closely they match your ideal profile!
A customer’s match percentage is determined by their answers on one of your Profiling forms. Each answer they give adds up a certain number of points, and Lineup tallies them up for you to give the customer a match percentage. This tells you how well they match the ideal profile for a certain service!
Something you should know
This percentage depends on the maximum number of points a customer can get for each profiling form. This has to be set up at the for each individual Profiling form.
If you want more in-depth information about the responses a customer has given to your Profiling forms, you can find a step-by-step on how to do this at.
Finding it in a customer’s profile
Step 1: Locating the customer whose match percentage you want to see
Head over to your Customers page.
Find the customer whose score you want to see on the left-side navigation.
If you don’t immediately find them, and you have a large customer base, it might be easier to search for their name using the search bar.
Step 2: Viewing their score
Their score will appear in two places: on the left-side navigation, and next to their name on their main profile.
Finding it in your calendar
Step 1: Choosing an appointment
Go to your Calendar page.
Click on any appointment.
Step 2: Viewing the appointment’s info
A pop-up will appear, showing you all of the information related to this appointment.
Locate the match score, which you can find first thing on the Customer details panel, right next to the title.
Keep in mind that this will only appear if this customer has filled out a profiling form.
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