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Personalizing your profiling forms

A profiling form allows you to filter potential leads for your business to make closing deals more likely
Something you should know
Lineup has an option to personalize your forms with your company’s branding. We have the opportunity to customize your forms with a variety of features.
What can I personalize from my forms?
Personalizing your forms allows you to incorporate your branding. Giving your customers a real approach to your company. Here you will see what kind of customizations we can do for you.
Select fonts
You can choose the font you want from the Google fonts library.
Add company logo
You can add the company logo in different places of your profiling. We suggest using this logo at the beginning and the end of the form. Another alternative is to set it as a watermark for each question.
Set up your brand color
The possibilities are infinite. You will have the option to choose any color to customize your branding. You can change the color of your texts, buttons, answers, and background on your profiling.
Background templates
You can choose an existing template to set up your profiling forms. Is not necessary to configure everything, pre-created designs can do it for you.
There are many more options available than what we can show in a single image, so you can be sure you’ll be able to find something that fits your brand!
Background images
Same as the background color, you can set up a background image to give your profiling form more style. It’s a nice touch to personalize your customers’ experience when they are filling out the form. You can find one from the thousands of photos available or upload your own!
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