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How to use our Google Sheets integration

Something you should know
You can find our integrations by heading over to your Service page’s Services tab, clicking on the Service you want to activate integrations for, and opening the Integrations menu as shown below.
Collecting appointments booked details on Google Sheets
This integration makes a lot easier for you to export and analyze the appointments booked. Activate this connection so that your appointments’ info are automatically added to a Google Sheets document, which makes it much easier for you to review them. Learn how to do this here:
Step 1: Activate the connection
In the Integrations menu, expand the Lineup + Google Sheets panel.
Click the Connect button at the bottom of the panel.
You will now get the option to connect Lineup to a Google account where the Sheets document will be created.
The connection to Google can be toggled on or off by clicking the switch on the right of the panel title (next to the Lineup and Sheets logos)

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Step 2: View your document
After you have connected your Google account to Lineup, a Google Sheets document will be generated automatically. Every new response will be added as a new row on the document.
You will now find a Google Sheets URL in the Lineup + Google Sheets panel. Click on the link symbol to open it in a new tab
Or click on the copy symbol to copy it to your clipboard.
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