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Finding out your customers' appointment status

Finding a customer’s appointment status
Step 1: Locating the customer
Head over to the Customers section
On the left-side navigation, find the customer’s name whose appointment info you want to consult. If you don’t find it straight away, you can also search for their name.
Click on that customer.
Step 2: Finding the appointment
Check that the secondary top navigation has Details selected.
On the right side, you will find a list of all the appointments this customer has booked with your business.
Click on the appointment you want to consult.
Step 3: Checking out the appointment status
A popup will appear, showing you the appointment’s details.
The pill on the top right shows you the appointment’s status.
The Pending status indicates the customer hasn’t replied to the WhatsApp message.
The Confirmed status indicates the customer has said, via WhatsApp, that they are attending the appointment.
The Canceled status indicates the customer has said they won’t attend and canceled their appointment.
Changing the appointment status manually
After the appointment, your users are given the option of manually indicating whether or not the customer attended their appointment. Recording whether an appointment was successfully completed or the client didn’t show up gives your business helpful insight on what percentage of your Services’ appointments end up in successful meetings.
Step 1: Locating your appointment status
As shown earlier in this article, you can find an appointment status on your customer’s individual profile.
You can also find this information by clicking directly on the appointment on your .
Step 2: Changing the status
Click on the status pill to manually change the appointment’s status.
Select the meeting’s end status.
Pick Completed to say that the customer was at the meeting and it could be carried out successfully.
Pick No-show to indicate that the customer didn’t show up to the meeting.
There you go, your meeting’s end status will be recorded and count towards the service’s stats! Find out more about this at .
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