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Creating a webhook

Webhooks are a simple way to notify external services when someone books a meeting.
A webhook is a notification sent over the web, which is triggered automatically whenever a specific event occurs.
Something you should know
If you have a paid Lineup subscription, you can create as many webhooks as you want.
Creating your first webhook
Step 1: Adding a webhook
On your Services page, head over to the Webhooks tab and click Add one. You can also click on the plus symbol (+) located on the upper left side menu.
Step 2: Setting it up
Toggle your Webhook On or Off.
At Name, enter a name for this webhook.
At Endpoint, paste the URL that HTTP POST requests will be made to.
At Secret, set up a code so that you’ll be able to make sure that the HTTP POST requests you receive at your Endpoint are coming from Lineup.
At Description, add a short description that explains what this webhook is meant to do. This is for internal use only and won’t be visible to your invitees.
Select the Services you want to use this webhook for. Notifications will be sent out when appointments are booked for the selected services.
Make sure to complete all the required fields:
Name, Endpoint, Secret
Step 3: Saving your webhook
Click the Save button at the bottom right of your screen or next to the Settings title to finish up your webhook.
Viewing your logs
Step 1: Opening your logs
While in your Services page, click on the Webhooks tab
Select the webhook that you want to view logs for.
Then click ‘Logs’.
Here you will be able to view the Requests sent and Responses received, send a Test notification to your endpoint URL, or Redeliver specific notifications.
Step 2: Viewing HTTP POST requests
Select the Notification you want to view.
On the Request tab, you will be able to view the code that was sent to your Endpoint URL, along with the date and time that it was sent.
Step 3: Viewing responses
Select the Notification you want to view.
On the Response tab, you will be able to view the code that Lineup received as a response to the sent notification, along with the date and time that it was received.
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