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Creating a new customer

Customers are the people that book appointments for your services.
Your customers will be generated automatically as they book appointments and fill out their information. You can also add them manually, and modify their information in your Customers tab.
For each customer you can specify:
Booking page info. Such as their Name, Surname, and contact info like Email and Phone number.
Additional info. Like the Company they represent, and their location: Address, City and Zip Code.
You can also view a customer’s past and future appointments, the responses they have given to your Profiling Forms (Learn more about those in ), and the Endings they have reached for those forms.
Creating a new customer
Creating customers manually will allow you to track all your real customers' information. You will also learn how to add or modify information about your existing customers in this guide.
Step 1: Adding a customer
On your Customers page click Add one. You can also click on the plus symbol (+) or the Add a customer link located on the left side menu. Now you have a new customer to set up!
Step 2: Booking page information
On the Details tab, you can set up this user’s information.
Click on the Booking page info. Panel to expand it and fill in this user’s info.
At Name, enter the customer’s first name(s).
At Surname, enter the customer’s last name(s).
At Email, enter the email address you want the customer to receive appointment information and notifications at.
At Phone, add the customer’s phone number, including country code.
At Notes, you can add any additional information about this customer that you think will be relevant to your users.
Make sure to complete all the required fields:
Name, surname, email, phone

Step 3: Additional information
Click on the Additional info. panel to expand it and fill in this user’s info.
At Company, enter the name of the company this customer works at.
At Address, enter the customer’s address.
At City, add the city this customer is located at.
At ZIP Code, enter the ZIP code the user’s address is located at.
Seeing as this is additional info, all fields are optional. You can fill them in if they are relevant to your business.

Finding your customers
If you know a customer’s name, Lineup offers you the handy function of being able to locate their customer profile with ease. Simply locate the search bar on the left side menu in your Customers page and type in the name. The customer profile will appear like magic!
Deleting your customers
Step 1: Finding the customer you want to delete
On your Customers page, locate the customer whose profile you want to delete on the left-side navigation.
If you can’t find them easily, or if you have a large number of customers, you can also search for them.
Step 2: Click on the “More” menu
Locate the three dots straight across from the customer’s name.
Click on the dots to display the options menu.
Step 3: Delete the customer
Click Delete customer to permanently delete this customer profile.
A pop-up will appear, reminding you that deleting a customer is a permanent action.
Click the Delete button.
You have successfully deleted a customer!
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