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Creating a new appointment from your calendar

Aside from and having your customers book their appointments from there, you can also create and edit your appointments from your Lineup Calendar page.
Creating a new appointment
Step 1: Adding it to your calendar
Head to your Calendar page.
Click on the New appointment button, located on the right side above your calendar.
If you are located in the Month view, you can also click on the day you want your new appointment to be on to set it up.
On the Week and Day views, you can also click on the time slot you want your appointment to be on to add it.
A pop-up will appear, giving you further options to set up your appointment.

Step 2: Configuring your new appointment
At Date,
At Time,
At Location, select where the meeting will occur. This can be an online meeting, a phone call, an in-person meeting, or a custom location. The options provided in this pop-up will change slightly depending on your choice of location. We will go over these options a little further down.
At Assigned user, select which one of your users will conduct this meeting with your customer.
At Customer details, fill in the information of the customer this meeting will be with. Add their name, email address, and phone number. You can also add any relevant notes that will help the user in this meeting.

If you select Phone call as your location, you will have the option to select whether the assigned user will call the invitee or the invitee should call the assigned user.
If you choose to have an in-person meeting, you will have to provide an address so that your customers know where the meeting will be held.
If you select Custom location, you will have to provide a name for this location so that your invitee will know what to expect once it is time for the meeting.
Adding an appointment from a pre-made template
Step 1: Locate your appointment templates
On your Calendar page, find the Appointment templates section, located on the left-side navigation. It might be collapsed, so you might need to click on the round arrow button to open up this section.
These appointment templates are generated automatically based on the configuration of your services, the duration and location are added automatically. Learn more about service configuration at .

Step 2: Add them to your calendar
Drag one of the pre-made appointments onto your calendar. A pop-up like the new appointment pop-up will appear, but with most fields filled out. You will only need to set up the customer, the date, and the time.
Editing an existing appointment
Your Calendar page also allows you to edit existing appointments’ information. Doing so is as simple as a couple of clicks!
Click on the appointment you want to edit on your calendar.
Voila! You can now edit all of its information to your liking.
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