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Adding and editing appointments

Lineup allows you to view and modify the appointments a customer has set up with your team, or add appointments for them manually.
How can I add a new appointment?
Step 1: Locate the customer you want to make a new appointment for
On your Customers page, find the customer’s name on the left side menu. If you can’t locate them at first glance, you can also search for them. Learn how to search for customers in .
If the customer doesn’t appear on this menu, you can also add them manually. Discover how in

Step 2: Add an appointment
On the Details tab, locate the Add one button on the Appointments booked panel.
A new appointment will appear, ready for you to set up! A pop-up will provide you with further options for this appointment.

Viewing and editing your appointment information
Step 1: Finding a customer’s appointments
Head over to the profile of the customer whose appointments you want to view or edit. You can do this by clicking on their name on the left side menu on your Customers page.
Locate the Appointments booked panel on the right side of the Details tab. There you will find the appointments your customer has booked, and be able to edit the upcoming ones.

Step 2: Editing appointment info
Place your cursor over the appointment you’d like to edit. This symbol should appear on the right side. Click on it to edit the appointment info.
There you go! Now you can edit the appointment settings.
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