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Marshall's Real Estate CRM with Automation and Chatbot

Real Estate CRM with Integromat + ManyChat

A template that incorporates Integromat and the ManyChat messenger bot for a real estate scenario. You can edit this template for any CRM type of use case.
What this doc does
This Coda doc is ideal for Real Estate Agents dealing in homes. It takes care of the complete buyer/seller journey that starts when a new lead comes in and ends when a deal is won or lost. The main lead source is a
ManyChat-powered Messenger bot
that connects to this CRM via
, using which you can also connect multiple lead sources to the lead tables. Note: You can connect multiple data sources to the doc via Integromat in addition to your ManyChat bot.
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Table of Contents
🤖 Try the chatbot here →
Integromat templates that sync data from the bot to the respective tables in Coda

This Scenario sends Seller Leads from the ManyChat bot to Coda

This Scenario sends Buyer Leads from the ManyChat bot to Coda
About Integromat
is a free tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder.
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A short tour of Integromat's core features
Enterprise-level features like unlimited branching, filtering, and error handling allow users to use their most trusted apps to their fullest extent by integrating them exactly as they need. Moreover, Integromat enables you to can connect to any web service or API without writing code.
A real scenario created by an Integromat user
About ManyChat

The ManyChat-powered Facebook Messenger bot that connects to this Coda doc is the main lead source; the leads from the bot are sent to the respective lead table via Integromat. The bot is ideal for real estate agents dealing in homes. It qualifies buyers and sellers by asking them the most important questions while enabling them to answer them as quickly as possible. Qualified leads from the bot are sent to the respective lead table on Coda. You can try the bot using the button below:

connected to the bot which can also be initiated by messaging the page.
This ManyChat bot is also for you to install. However, since it uses ManyChat's Pro features, you will need a Pro account to be able to install it.


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