Xano Pack

With 2-way sync, the XANO Pack allows you to pull your tables into Coda and effortlessly send updates back.

What is XANO?

XANO provides a really easy-to-use database solution for any number of purposes. You can think of it as the perfect marriage between Coda tables and a full-fledged MySQL database.
Create any number of tables, and integrate them into whatever tool stack you’re using. Tables can scale to millions of rows, and remain performant and globally accessible.
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About the XANO pack

The XANO Pack for Coda brings the power and flexibility of your XANO tables into Coda in a simple and intuitive way. The core pack features are:
Sync your data into Coda
Dynamic sync tables allow you to pull your data into Coda, unlocking the flexibility to build dashboards and custom visualizations to better understand your data however you need.
Edit data with 2-way sync
Make live edits to your data straight from Coda, and sync those changes back to XANO instantly. Column rules are displayed appropriately in your table - for example:
ENUM columns with a predefined set of options translate to appropriate select columns with those same options.
PASSWORD columns are obscured.
Filters and access control
Flexible table filters allow you to only retrieve rows that match your needs, keeping sensitive or unimportant content out of Coda, and ensuring your docs are performant. Edits can either be globally enabled for all users within the doc, or can require each user signs in with their own account. XANO’s API tokens can be setup to restrict permissions on a per-user basis.
Full C.R.U.D.
Create new rows with action buttons, Read full tables or filtered rows into Coda, Update content easily from your table, Delete rows with action buttons.

⭐DEMO. Visualize your data

In this demo we have our e-commerce storefront plugged into XANO, and we’ve pulled in our , , and the within each order. Sync tables pull that data into Coda which we can use to display a live dashboard to help us gain insights into our sales and customer acquisition.

Total sales

total sales this month

New customers

new customers this month


products sold this month
New customers by referral source
Connect your Xano account to make edits in Coda.
Most popular products this week
Connect your Xano account to make edits in Coda.
Product Name and Price
Total Sales

iPhone 15 Pro

$ 999

iPhone 15 Pro Max

$ 1199

MacBook Air

$ 999

Mac Pro

$ 6999

iPad Pro

$ 799
No results from filter
Daily sales for the last 7 days
Connect your Xano account to make edits in Coda.
New customers by region
Connect your Xano account to make edits in Coda.

Referral source by region

What are most successful referral sources for gaining new customers in
Website : 9 Customers (27%)
Organic Search : 8 Customers (24%)
Facebook : 5 Customers (15%)
Instagram : 1 Customer (3%)
Affiliate : 10 Customers (30%)

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