Welcome to VisionQuest 7Directions Path Finder Homes

Thank you for joining our team! Here is some information to help with your onboarding and training.
Do this first:
Read Policy and Procedures. This will take several hours. Use as your guide as you read each policy. Go to this to find all of materials listed. There are 6 sections that need to be read. Select the policy after you read it on the
and then hit complete when you are finish reading all 6 sections.
Watch this for information on the 7Directions Trauma Informed Model - Sanctuary
Watch this on the power of the circle and the hoop of life.
Watch video on Fabric (need to add to YOUTUBE)

A few reminders.
Because all of our goals are reflections of the company’s mission and values, we’ve added them below.
Our mission
VisionQuest is an employee-owned, comprehensive national youth services organization that adheres to the highest professional standards in providing innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. We provide extraordinary experiences and relationships that allow youth, families, and staff to redefine and reach their highest potential.

Our values
Kids are safe, valued, and honored Families are respected and supported
Staff are trained, supported, and appreciated
Communities are protected, impacted, and involve

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