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About me

Born to a cool French-Arabic photographer
and a Vietnamese mom, I'm basically the human version of a cultural melting pot. That said, I've been lucky enough to grow up with stories and traditions from all over the place, giving me a fun, unique outlook on life. 🌍
Speaking of fun, meet Enzo—my 17-year-old sidekick. This amazing and hard working boy keeps me on my toes and fills my days with laughter and the occasional eye-roll. For us, it's all about quality family time, which, to be honest, is the secret sauce to my happiness and feeling whole.
When I'm not trying my best to be a patient dad, I'm deep in the world of media production, trying to shake things up and make things snazzier yet cost-friendly. Oh, and if you ever pop by my place, don't expect clutter. I'm all about that minimalist life—less stuff, more real moments, and a ton of mindfulness.
At the end of the day, I just want to be known as that genuine, hardworking guy—both as a dad and a partner. Life's a wild ride, but I'm here for it, values in hand and ready for the next adventure. 🚀

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