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About me

My goal is to be remembered by my kids as a hardworking man, a loving dad, and a caring partner who built systems to create media that encourage more authentic and transparent human connections.

I come from a blend of cultures that's as diverse as it gets - a Creative French-Arabic photographer for a dad and an ambitious Vietnamese mom. Growing up surrounded by such a rich tapestry of stories and traditions, I've gained a perspective on life as unique as it is insightful.
And then there's Enzo, my 17-year-old. He's the energy and humor behind my days, reminding me that family time is irreplaceable no matter how high you climb in your career. This balance between work and home keeps me grounded and truly happy.
In the professional world, I'm all about reinventing media production. My goal? To make it more authentic, impactful, yet cost-efficient. I also bring this same principle of balance and efficiency into my personal life. Less clutter and distractions, more meaningful interactions, and plenty of room for mindful living. This is the ethos I bring to the table as a business leader - blending the richness of diverse experiences with simplicity and efficiency.
In summary, my dream is to be remembered by my kids as a hardworking man, a caring partner, and a loving dad who built systems to create and distribute media for more authentic human connections.🚀

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