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Hello! We are an application with an account in pesos (*), totally free! so you can pay for your services, transfer money, recharge and more, with a free international Visa card so you can use the money in your account wherever you want. If they accept Visa, they accept your Naranja X card.

You will also be able to access credit cards (**) to make your purchases in installments and with exclusive promotions.

Take a look at what you can do:

-Access an account in pesos, with no opening or maintenance cost (*).
-Make purchases with promotions offered by shops throughout the country.
-Withdraw money from any ATM in the country at no cost. You can also use it for subscriptions to online services for movies, music, series, cell phone recharge and transportation.
-Pay your credit card summary and services: water, electricity, gas, cable, among more than 4,000 others, without queues or commissions.
-Check the summary of your Orange X credit card and those available for purchases (**).
-Make immediate and free transfers to any virtual wallet (CVU) or bank account (CBU).
-Access our channels for personalized attention by the means you prefer: chat, telephone and social networks.
-Request loans with your Orange X credit card:
1) The loans are marketed by Tarjeta Naranja S.A., a non-financial credit card issuer, and are valid only for the Argentine Republic. Subject to credit policies and French amortization system, with fixed installments and in pesos. Return period: minimum 3 months - maximum 36 months. Maximum amount $750,000, minimum amount $500.
2) Annual nominal rate (TNA) maximum 99%. Maximum Annual Effective Rate (TEA) 158.9%. Annual total effective financial cost (CFT) maximum 213.24%. They are reported before obtaining the loan.
3) Example: French depreciation system with VAT. Nominal Annual Rate (TNA) 70%, Total Annual Effective Financial Cost 126.70%. Amount of $10,000 to be returned within a period of 12 months, the average value of the monthly installment is $1,262.90 (the value of the first installment may vary according to the day of granting). The total to pay including VAT is $14,912.80.
The maturity of all loans is the 10th day of each calendar month and all have the option of total cancellation and repentance on the loan granted.

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