Crazy Gem Blast APK

is the top Android apps with over 50.000 download from Google Play.
This is the popular product of 2608 Game Studio.

APK file size of this app is 48M, and we suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when download to save your 3G data. Crazy Gem Blast works with Android "4.4" and higher version, so please check your system before install. Of course this is the best apps with average rate point is and 2331 of 5 stars rate.

Latest update of apps is 2021-09-15, if you have any trouble with Crazy Gem Blast, feel free to go 2608 Game Studio website and contact to developer. We hope you enjoyed this apps and rate it or share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter.


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This is a fun casual game, simple game rules allow you to enjoy the fun of the game at any time!
How to play?
A simple click can eliminate the same gems;
Continuous combo can bring you rich rewards;
Powerful props will help you through difficult levels;
Let it accompany you to kill time together, welcome to play!

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Review from users:

Janet Galloway-Hobson: “It's just like all the rest of the games, claiming "no ads to watch", "what you win goes right to your paypal account ", etc. Lies. First, you can't withdrawal until you reach $300. Then you have to watch 50 video ads, before, I'm sure there's something after that. Don't waste your time, it's not a fun game worth playing just for the entertainment.”

Floyd Alan Harris: “Just started playing. Game is easy, and you collect lots of money fast. I just redeemed my 1st $1,000.00 gift card! It doesn't pay automatically! It says it will pay out in 3 days. So, I will be back in 72 hours to adjust this review based on their payout, or lack of. Hopefully this game doesn't turn out to be another fake cash game? In 72 hours we will see!”

M J: “Complete false advertising. Zero Dollars zero pennies to be made. I went through the whole process watched about 100 videos played the game for 48 hrs. Kept saying meet this then cash out then so on never ending. Want to just play a game .. this is no good cause full of ads full length 1min videos, with nothing in the end as they promised there would be.. I do not recommend this one & will be on to the next one for a rating. Thanks for wasting people's time with zero chance for $ empty promise.”

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