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AI Real Estate Listing Generator

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Boost the quality of your listings while significantly cutting down on time and effort with our innovative AI Real Estate Listing Generator.
Simply input property details, like location, size, and amenities, along with your preferred writing style, and watch as our tool crafts a compelling, unique listing in mere seconds. Choose from convenient drop-down lists or type directly into text fields—it's that easy.
But that's not all. Our Targeted Pitch Generator lets you input specific buyer information, from budget to lifestyle preferences, to create a personalized pitch that resonates.



GPT-4: Take advantage of GPT-4's advanced logic and exceptional writing capabilities.
Customizable Writing Guidelines: Specify your preferred length, tone, style, and format for each listing.

User Experience

Global Accessibility: Operate the tool from anywhere in the world, no VPN required.
Cross-Platform Access: Use the generator on both desktop and mobile via a straightforward URL.
Intuitive Design: Navigate with ease through our user-friendly interface.
Flexible Data Entry: Input property details in simple phrases, and let our AI do the rest.
Comprehensive Guides: Access detailed guides and instructional videos for efficient use of the tool.
Prompt Technical Support: Receive timely and reliable help for any technical hitches.
Automatic Updates and Upgrades: Receive new features and improvements automatically as the tool is updated.
No Contractual Tie-In: Enjoy the freedom of using the tool without any hidden clauses or contractual obligations. The tool's value is its binding factor.


Data Security: Benefit from industry-standard encryption for data in transit and at rest, along with regular backups to isolated locations.
Integration: Seamlessly integrate the tool with your CRM system, MLS databases, and various social media platforms.
Scalability: Suitable for individual real estate agents as well as large agencies with multiple team members.
Individual Agent Log-in, Auto-Save, and Reopen: Each agent can have their own login credentials for personalized use. Work is saved automatically with the option to reopen and edit it later.

Coming Soon

SEO Optimization: Automatically ad keywords for better search engine optimization.
Social Media Sharing: One-click sharing options to popular social media platforms.
Automated Follow-ups: An integrated system to automatically follow up with leads generated from the listings.
Chat Support: Real-time chat support for immediate troubleshooting.
Bulk Generation: The ability to generate multiple listings at once based on a set of parameters.


Customization Ideas
Adding custom writing guideline options for tone, style, length, etc.
Integration with existing listing database
Modifications to the user-login system
Analysis of existing writing
Adding Select list dropdown options
Free vs. Billed
Free Customizations: Suggest improvements that benefit all users at no extra charge.
Billed Customizations: Add agency-specific features or elevate low-priority modifications to high-priority at an additional cost.
Transparent Billing
Extra customization hours are available at $65/hour, with minute-by-minute reporting.
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