Olive Helps v0.27.2

New Screen Aptitude will provide Loop Authors with OCR capabilities when creating Loops
New Browser Aptitude will give Loop authors the ability to access elements in the browser when creating Loops
Improved the application’s launch speed and overall performance
Added improved error messaging
Provided settings for admin users to manage loop access for their organization
Added indicators to show Loop Authors whether their Loops are public or private
Styling and UI updates for Sidenote
Bug fixes
Fixed issue with Sidenote list items being mixed up on save
Fixed issue where multiple instances of Olive Helps could be open at the same time
Fixed data formatting for modTime
Fixed issue where the Dropzone component wouldn't allow text customization
Fixed bug with the Dropzone component’s browse link not working properly
Fixed issue with hyperlink alignment in Whisper markdown
Fixed issue where scroll bar appeared on Box component with no customHeight set
Fixed issue that occurred with incorrect styling of child components in a CollapseBox when an onClick handle was being used
Fixed a problem where WindowInfo.path was not updating properly
Fixed style issue button with type text having the wrong hover state
Deprecation Warning Reminder
In v0.27.2, we will be excluding any Loops that do not use the loopOpenHandler from the dropdown menu. Loops will still function if a user has them installed, but the user will not be able to see them in the dropdown menu.
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