Olive Helps v0.25.3

Improved messaging and instructions to Loop Authors on the loop submission page
Loop Authors can now view total subscribers for published Loops
Added free Loops to display on the Loops and Subscriptions page
Provided USD values for the Pi transaction history CSV download
Made UX improvements to the Loops and Subscriptions page
Sidenote padding and style adjustments
The Olive icon has a new, refreshed, look
The Get Help link now takes you to our updated FAQ
The loopOpenHandler will be called when a Loop is selected from the dropdown menu
Loops that use ui.listenSearchbar and ui.listenGlobalSearch will now focus the search bar when selected from the dropdown menu
Added normal to JustifyContent options
Dates obtained through the Filesystem Aptitude are now wrapped in a Javascript Date object, making them all standardized.
Added build commands for Windows
Addressed issues where properties like padding, margin, and flex were not correctly passed to Link, ListPair, Markdown, and Message
Removed the type reference to Common.Callback for Markdown.onLinkClicked
path is now correctly populated by the Window aptitude in a Windows environment
Paid loop submissions must be priced in whole number amounts
Deprecation Warning Reminder
In v0.28.x (release date estimated 11/15), we will be excluding any Loops that do not use the loopOpenHandler from the dropdown menu. Loops will still function if a user has them installed, but the user will not be able to see them in the dropdown menu.
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