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Rituals of Great Product Teams - Workshop [Template]

Why we’re here

A friend and fellow product leader recently asked me:
“What are the best rituals you’ve seen that my product team should adopt?”
In that moment, it struck me that despite having seen tons of interesting rituals from many product teams, I didn’t have a clear answer for them.
I’ve worked in product for over 15 years; I spent nine years at Google and YouTube; and for the last 7 years, I’ve helped build Coda from 0 customers to over 50,000 teams using the product. As part of my role as the CPO, I’ve been very fortunate to interview hundreds of product teams at leading product-led orgs such as Zoom, Snap, Figma, Spotify, Pinterest, Block, Grammarly, and Tonal.
So in response to my friend’s prompt, I set out to create this workshop along with a , a , and a highlighting the best rituals, and how to start implementing them in Coda.


(10 mins)
Share who you are and what you want to focus on today.
(18 mins)
Learnings, rituals, frameworks, templates from the field.
(30 mins)
Small groups to discuss a single principle
Share back learnings and insights

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