How to Do Project Resource Planning [+Template]

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45 minute webinar on resource utilization

Other styles of resource allocation
I've seen team scheduling done in four styles depending on the agency's approach and the tools that they choose to use. Moving to Coda, you can choose your own flavor. Mix and match, make something unique to your operations:
Book time for each person, each week, for the projects and tasks that they are doing. This is a common "paint by numbers" done in Sheets. .
Percent allocate a person to given project(s), until they have 100% allocation for a given time period. and
Take the stack of work, start and due dates with associated effort, and visualize that as the workload, by month.
Assign people into pods (teams) and projects:
Assign roles and people to a project, visualize the stack of work, in a given date range.

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