Proactive Customer Care at FullStory

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For Customer Success and Support Teams looking to care for their clients and grow usage in their product and services.


FullStory doesn't have Customer Success.
FullStory has Huggers. Huggers straddle the line between Support, Enterprise Customer Success, and Product Management. When large enterprise customers come on at FullStory, it is of paramount importance those customers are able to quickly see their company, department, and team KPIs through a lens of FullStory and begin executing initiatives almost immediately.
This template was born out of a need and desire for all of our Huggers in Proactive Care to collaborate and have each other's back when it comes to driving Success Outcomes within our large enterprise accounts. The visibility this CRM enables allows each Hugger in Proactive Care at FullStory to know exactly what's going on with all of our different customers, even the customers that don't belong explicitly to you. This is collaborative Customer Success and Proactive Product Enablement.
When FullStory set out to adopt a platform that checked all our needed boxes, there just wasn't something on the market that was flexible enough for us: Coda allowed us to build our own!


1. Add a new customer in and track how they are doing.
2. View and complete what you need to do for your customers
3. The gives insights like how your customers feel and which ones are coming up for renewal.

What's in this doc?


A view into all the accounts for the Customer Success Team to keep their eyes on - who is feeling great, who isn't, and when are accounts up for renewal so that we can keep them happy and continuing to use our products and services.
View top-level account info such as Revenue, Feeling, other system insights, and contacts to be the most prepared to make this customer successful.
A list of the things that the team needs to follow-up on and do after a meeting. Click the check box when you've completed them.

Personal Spaces

A view for each person to see their own customers their way. Lane's is the detail view whereas John likes to see it as a table view.
Personal to dos as meeting followups for each person. Lane has added some bullet points for other things that he wants to do for some of his accounts.

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