Playbook for Digital Agencies

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Goals Workshop

Business and Website goals
Develop a clear understanding of the business objectives we are working to achieve with the website.
Collect your Goals.
High Level Goals
Sales Team Related Goals
Marketing Department Related Goals
Review and check it over.

Target goal is by the end of the contract, which is 3 months in this example, but digital agencies normally shoot for a longer contract, 12 months.
Target goal comes from:
Backing math up the model
YoY growth.

Stretch goal:
Some percent of target goal.
What the client's marketing lead could put their stake on. "If you have an excellent month, what would it look like?"
Focus Areas
Target Goal
Stretch Goal
Web Traffic
Visits to Home Page
Visits to Content Offers
2800 Visits Per Month
4500 Visits Per Month
Looking to increase the amount of traffic our website is receiving.
Increased Leads
Submissions to our contact us page.
More submissions and downloads of our content offers.
300 New Contacts Per Month
400 Contacts Per Month
Allowing easier submissions on all places where forms are present on our website.
Industry Thought Leadership
Visits to our blog
Visits to our online knowledge base.
30 Subscriptions to our blog and knowledge base per month
45 Subscriptions to our blog and knowledge base per month
Encouraging folks to follow along with the content we are sharing with the world.
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