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FB Ads Report

I use this to help my clients understand reports and focus on what matters the most
Sometimes, it’s easier to read and understand a text than a giant table. Reading a text forces me to go from point A to point Z which in some cases helps to better understand because I need the full story. Every week I’ve taken the habits of translating abstract numbers into what it could mean for the business of my clients. It’s time-consuming but today let’s improve the process to save time and focus on what really matters. Who’s in? 🙌
So let’s say I want to report the performances of a Facebook campaign to a client. I’ll start to think of a convenient way to extract the data from Facebook Ads Manager. I don’t want to manually export tables because manual manipulation increases the risk of mistakes and may be time consuming. Developing an app to call the Facebook API would be in this case too consuming in setting everything up and maintaining it. Instead, I’ve found . It’s a plugin for Google Sheets that will call the Facebook API for you with the metrics of your choice.
Then I want to create a document in which I’m going to edit. For that, I’m going to use I’ll use Zapier to send the data from the Google Sheets into Coda. Finally, I’m going to use Gmail integration with Coda to send the reports by email.
Tech stack and data architecture look like this:
Facebook Ads → Adveronix → Google Sheets ←→ Zapier ←→ Coda → Gmail
Check out the doc:
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