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Week 1

Marc Benioff’s V2MOM
Use the V2MOM process to get aligned on goals and strategies across the

Creating Organizational Alignment through the V2MOM:
The Importance of Company-Wide Alignment:
Clarity and visibility into how their work contributes to the company success
A sense that what they’re doing makes a difference
To feel like they’re a part of something that is bigger than themselves
Working Toward Alignment:
Making company alignment a priority is a good starting point. Using a goal-setting
or business-planning process to get everyone on the same page can help too. But
to truly ensure that everyone’s goals are aligned—to make sure that everyone
knows their role in helping the company achieve its vision—you need an
innovative, unique approach. An approach that:
Keeps everyone moving in the same direction
Clarifies priorities and what’s most important
Allows managers to track and measure their team’s progress against their
Helps individuals hold themselves accountable for delivering results
Salesforce’s V2MOM:

So how does Salesforce create alignment? Given Salesforce’s breakneck speed of
growth, the most important things are constant communication and complete
alignment. We’ve been able to achieve both with a “secret” management process
developed many years ago.
It all started back when our founder Marc Benioff was working at Oracle.
Struggling to define a way to help his divisions find clarity on their vision and
goals, Marc sought wisdom from leadership, personal development, and spiritual
gurus. Taking the best of all he heard, he developed his own management process
called the V2MOM, an acronym that stands for Vision, Values, Methods,
Obstacles, and Measures.
A V2MOM is important because it:
A. Keeps everyone aligned and moving in the same direction
B. Allows managers to track and measure their team’s progress against their goals
C. Helps individuals hold themselves accountable for delivering results
D. All of the above
2. Employees crave alignment because it gives them:
A. A sense that what they’re doing makes a difference
B. A chance to increase their salary
C. An opportunity to get promoted
D. Great performance for their car
3. V2MOM, Salesforce’s alignment process, stands for:
A. Vision, Victory, Money, Overhead, Management
B. Victory, Values, Mom, Obstacles, and Measures
C. Values, Vision, Management, Objectives, Meaning
D. Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures

Writing a V2MOM:

How to Write a V2MOM:
Throughout this module, we refer to our goal setting and organizational
alignment process as V2MOM.
The first step in writing your own V2MOM is to read your company’s and your
manager’s V2MOM, talk to your manager to get aligned on the Methods and
Measures most relevant to you, and then get writing!
The Vision represents what you want to achieve or accomplish. It focuses on
what’s most important to you. Writing a great Vision helps you paint a picture of
what you want the future to look like.
What is your bold Vision for what you want to achieve this year?
Values represent the principles or beliefs that are most important as you pursue
your Vision. They guide everyday decisions and tradeoffs.
Methods represent the actions you take to achieve your Vision.
Obstacles are things that block your progress, get in your way, or make it difficult
to accomplish what you’ve outlined. Identifying Obstacles before you jump into
your work helps you anticipate challenges and proactively consider how to
overcome them.
Measures tell you and others when you’ve achieved success or successfully
completed your Methods.
For each of your Measures, how can you clearly define success?
Writing SMART Measures:
SMART is an acronym that helps you think through all the elements of
establishing clear, actionable, and measurable Measures. When writing your
V2MOM Measures, make sure they follow the SMART format.
?Want a little more clarity on what SMART looks like?
SMART Measures Look Like This:
Achieve market share of 30% in the United States by the end of the fiscal year.
Not This: Dominate the U.S. market!
1. Vision in the V2MOM defines:
A. The actions and steps to take to get the job done
B. Your 3–5 key objectives for the year
C. What you want to do or achieve
D. The challenges, problems, issues to overcome
2. Methods in the V2MOM are:
A. Ways to measure your results
B. Beliefs that help you pursue your vision
C. Your long-term strategies to achieve your vision
D. Actions and steps to take to achieve your vision
3. When writing the Measures portion of your V2MOM, think about:
A. How to overcome obstacles that might get in your way
B. The values that guide your everyday decisions and trade-offs
C. The 5–8 things you want to accomplish
D. The way you know you’ve been successful
4. An example of a SMART measure is:
A. Lead the market and outpace our competitors
B. Increase market share by 20% in 2017
C. Be a great place to work
D. Be the biggest and most profitable airline

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