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An evolution of the office suggestion box, conference room, or coffee break. Helps teams collect, categorize, develop, evaluate, and collaborate on ideas. Aspires to create a process for innovation.

Plan, track, and achieve your goals, projects, and product launches. Your current tool is either an inadequate specialty app that you’re using to track your work, or it’s Google Sheets or Excel. (Even if you’re using an app, you’re probably sneaking off and tracking some part of it in a spreadsheet).
Product teams like Figma are shipping world-class features with Yuhki’s , the Spotify team is tracking their and
, and digital agencies such as Four Kitchens stay on top of client work using their . We’ve heard countless other stories of how companies and teams are created PM tools with Coda that moved their efforts from disconnected to collaborative, fragile to agile (& app-like), unfocused to personalized, and ugly to delightful.

As we strive towards thriving remotely, we’re solving ways to welcome new hires, share knowledge, and enhance our culture of transparency.
The folks at and have each launched wikis, published a , and countless others are building their own unique knowledge hubs with Coda. The docs themselves may be different, but the goals are similar—we want new hires to feel welcomed and onboard efficiently, team members to be aligned, and everyone to have a space for shared understanding and ongoing learning.

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