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Front / back stage

Information hierarchy follows a front stage for the workflow and a back stage for the setup.
Use Sections and Folders to organize the different functions and areas of the app. Below is an illustration of a common pattern that we see in the docs; namely, there's a front stage and a back stage of the information hierarchy 👇
Sections and Folders.png

Makers often include the following components:
to introduce the doc to users and stakeholders.
Adding a new thing as called out for a User
Functional views folder as called out for Stakeholders
Hidden Back End Folder: You can
this supporting section / folder. For example, some docs contain a "Raw Data" folder with sections storing base tables, or an "Admin" folder with lists that support lookup columns in other tables. Often this data rarely changes, or isn't as useful unless it's filtered. In these cases, you can hide those sections so the supporting data is out of the way and is less likely to be accidentally edited or deleted.

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